Refresh Your Memory, Inc. is an innovative solution provider of CNC Communications and Machine/Event Monitoring Systems for the manufacturing industry. RYM has established an excellent reputation designing, installing, servicing and providing support for DNC/Monitoring Systems with over 35 years of world-wide experience. RYM is committed to providing our customers with powerful wired or wireless DNC packages and Machine/Event Monitoring through the FactoryWiz product line. Both older RS-232 Legacy and newer state-of-the-art Ethernet machines are supported in their native communication formats.

Machine / Event Monitoring Systems

Refresh Your Memory, Inc. was founded in 1983 to provide communication systems for CNC’s using personal computers. The business began by supplying computerized punched paper tape prep systems across the country based on the Commodore-64 and the first generation of IBM PCs. This was expanded into Direct Numerical Control (DNC) solutions and ultimately Machine/Event monitoring by 1998. Multiple versions of software have been offered during their 30+ years in business – upgrading their offerings as PC technology evolved over time. The company maintains a staff of field service engineers and developers to provide on-site installation and support across the country, which complements their hardware and software products.

In 2013, RYM launched FactoryWiz Monitoring, initially as an integrated web appliance designed to monitor CNC machines or other manufacturing equipment. Since the initial release, FactoryWiz Monitoring has evolved into a web-based software that runs on any Windows 10 and above PC or server and uses the internet instead of an appliance-based system.  FactoryWiz Monitoring is configured through an easy-to-use web interface and supports large screen TV displays, PCs or web-enabled Smartphones – anything with a web browser. FactoryWiz Monitoring supports report generation, email & cell phone alerts, display of real-time status, an interactive shop floor map, a preventive maintenance module and file transfers – all through pre-configured web-based tools.